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Memorial Day dove release at Fort Vancouver, Washington.

We understand that for many, funeral arrangements can be rushed under the pressure of circumstances, so please call, text, or email us at your earliest convenience for availability and booking details. We are always most grateful for the opportunity to "lift your hearts on wings" as a lasting visual tribute to your loved one.
"... lift your hearts on our wings."
Whether a Funeral, Celebration of Life, or Memorial, your chosen style of service will create an indelible memory of the last tribute bestowed upon your loved one.

​Doves released at your service provide a stunning visual symbol of the escape of the spirit from the earthly form, and the transition to the next phase of existence. You and your family feel a sense of fulfillment as well as some measure of comfort when you are able to meet your loved one's spirit dove, then release it, and watch as it ascends to fly freely toward heaven. For many, the last memory of their loved one’s time here on earth will be the image of a rising white dove, wings beating strongly, flying home. The added impact of companion doves collecting in the spirit dove, welcoming and then guiding it heaven bound, will only add to the satisfaction of witnessing an exultant conclusion to the “circle of life.”

We believe that our dad's dove visited us the morning after his passing to give us hope and encouragement to spread his message. . . and just believe.


​Bright Eyes Dove Release

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7 Doves Package - $275.00 -This package includes 1 spirit dove in a small heart-shaped basket and 3 doves in two large heart-shaped baskets.

13 Doves Package - $300.00 -This package includes 1 spirit dove in a small heart-shaped basket and 12 doves divided into 6 large heart baskets.           

19 Doves Package - $325.00 -This package includes 1 spirit dove in a small heart-shaped basket and 3 doves in two large heart-shaped baskets and 12 doves in two side release cages.

Each package also includes one or two tables depending on the package selection above. We provide all of our doves and equipment for each service, as well as the staging, and presentation, with breakdown and removal of our equipment upon completion of the release and/or service, depending on the timing of the event and schedule.

We do provide all transport, equipment, and doves for our releases, to the specified location, and at the designated time requested by the booking person. The family will be escorted or requested to come to the table at the time of the dove release. We will provide instructions with the entire family present at the table, and then pull the spirit dove out and walk the table for family members to have a few moments of connection with the spirit dove to soothe grieving hearts. The spirit dove is then placed back into the basket.

Michael and Jadia are both ordained non-denominational ministers and one will perform a short oration on the symbolism of the doves and help lift the emotional impact with a heartfelt conclusion. At that point, the family is cued to release the doves. Families are encouraged to have guests take and share their images after the service.

Bright Eyes Dove Release is proud to offer, in our local areas, a complimentary dove release of one spirit dove and twelve apostle doves at the memorial service of an active member of the Armed Forces, Police or Fire Departments, who loses their life in the line of duty.