​Bright Eyes Dove Release
1621 NE 139th Ave
Vancouver WA 98684 US

In general, the birds are far hardier than we humans. While these birds have grown up and trained in the Portland Area, we always keep in mind that we are transporting them to an often unknown place, letting them out a couple of hours before dark, 40 odd miles from home, with nothing but the feathers on their wings and an “Off you go, Boys and Girls”. Summer is fun; winter may be not so much. Each day, our birds have the option to fly or to stay in the loft and the majority of the flock will almost always elect to go out. There are, however, some limitations. High winds (25-30 mph plus), heavy rain, thunderstorms, dense fog, hailstorms, heavy snowstorms, with reduced visibility will ground most light aircraft; our birds will be grounded too.​