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Wedding Package Pricing includes:

​​All transportation costs inside the service area​​.

​The services of professional dove release specialists.

A pair of snow-white doves in a heart-shaped wicker basket for the bride and groom, for basket or hand release. These doves are the first to be released,​ and rise together symbolizing the beginning of the couple’s new life together.

Twelve additional doves, in two white baskets, to be released by selected family or wedding part members. These birds are released simultaneously from both the bride’s and the groom’s sides, and join together in ascending after the bridal pair, representing the mingling of the two families in celebration of the union.​


​Display Package Pricing for Guestbook Table:

​Two white decorated cages, each containing a white display dove. The doves and cages are generally displayed on the guestbook table. These doves are not released.

Our dove attendants stay at the guestbook table as greeters with the doves and encourage guests to visit and sign guest book.  Often the gift table is stage next to the guestbook table and our attendants watch over the both tables while on duty. 

​​Doves and cages are removed after the ceremony is complete and guest move to reception area. This allows ample time for photography with guests.

Often the children love time with the doves as a warm up to the ceremony.                                                                                                                                      
           add $125.00​​

Additional 12 bird package includes:​

Twelve additional white release doves in two additional white wicker baskets.
            add  $125.00

Individual release of additional birds (up to 12) by wedding party:

The wedding party (or selected family members) are each supplied with an individual white gift bag containing a bird for release to be added to the joyous celebration.

These birds may also be used as release birds for any planned memorial remembrance of a family or friend during the wedding ceremony.

 add $20.00 per bird & gift bag

Booking a Reservation: 

All booked wedding releases require a $75.00 non-refundable deposit to reserve the wedding date. Final payment is due 21 days before wedding date. Any cancellation or rescheduling will be taken into consideration per the signed contract. 


The doves represent love, joy, passion, purity and the blessing of the holy spirit on their lifelong journey as mates. Releasing of doves also symbolizes the joining of the two families through the bond of a marriage. The doves are often remembered (and most discussed) portion of the ceremony, next to the bridal couple and their vows, while comprising a much lesser percentage of the overall budget. Beautiful white doves make the perfect statement as a loving gift to the couple, and provides the most photogenic moments of their new life-journey as a wedded couple. 

On Your Special Day ...

Holding a Dove in your hands,

​you feel the strength beneath the beauty,

boldly beating heart, desire to be free

soaring with your life partner.

​ Avatar of your soul