Bright Eyes Dove Release

1621 NE 139th Ave

Vancouver WA 98684 US


Release Timing

Release Timing​They may be released at any time of your choosing during the event, however, as noted, the birds MUST be released and given plenty of time to fly home before sunset. The birds are all independent, living creatures with their own personalities, while they have a normal behavior pattern, they are quite curious and intelligent, and sometimes get distracted. We therefore do not guarantee a particular behavior after their release. Typically, single birds or pairs are released fairly shortly before or after the balance of the group, in this manner they may all join up and fly home together. If released too far in advance of the main group, single birds may just fly to a perch and wait for their buddies to come, if released too late, the pair and group will be playing “catch-up”, and not give the desired effect of forming up with the group. In general, for weddings, it is best to release the bride and groom’s pair first, followed by the celebratory general release. For memorials, the apostle birds are released first, followed by the spirit bird – the apostles have a tendency to circle and “scoop-up” the spirit bird, creating a lasting memory.